Thursday, May 31, 2007

Welcome to Love Stems!

If we succeed at teaching our children one thing, we want them to know that they can change the world…even if it starts with toilet paper rolls. Every roll becomes painted, cut, and shaped into a flower. Every flower is put into a pot. Every pot is transported to a local children’s hospital or nursing home.

Though it may seem like a simple child’s craft, we feel it is a small step in making the world around us a better place. If just one smile spreads across a recipients face, our job has been done. Our own hearts will be filled up with joy along the way as well.

We are just beginning our journey with Love Stems and we don’t know where it will take us just yet. We do know that Shriners Hospital in St. Louis holds a very special place in our heart, and we’d like to start there.

Thanks for visiting! Please check back often for updates on new developments.

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Eleny said...

this is great! if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.